Why MemberMedi?

The Benefits of Membership

More Personalized Care

MemberMedi is dedicated to a simplified, personalized primary care experience. Pursuing a happier, healthier life should not be stressful, costly, or inaccessible.

The current health care system is distorted by financial incentives and quantity over quality. We want to offer our patients a way out of the traditional health care system.

More Control

Your experience with MemberMedi should promote an enduring relationship with your provider that empowers you to better care for your health.

Your provider will have the time necessary to get to know you, identify your health needs, and develop an individualized care plan and appropriate treatment options that restore your control over your health care.

Significant Cost Savings

We take a cost-conscious approach to your health care, and we want to respect the investment you are making in your health.

You’ll never pay a copay or unexpected bill. We also extend our wholesale prices to you for all labs and medications.

We look forward to getting to know you and are grateful that you would place your trust in

MemberMedi to care for you and your family.


No insurance needed


No Co-Pays


No Deductibles

Just personalized, primary care.