Services Included in

Our Monthly Fee


Same-Day and Next-Day Scheduling

We reserve time for a select number of patients that we staff for, so you’ll receive the care you need when you need it. Your health is our first priority.

Unlimited Access to Healthcare

MemberMedi offers convenient, same-day or next-day appointments, but you can also receive medical care anytime, day or night, through virtual visits via phone or video chat from the comfort of your home or office.

This can eliminate unnecessary emergency room or urgent care visits, keep you safely at home when not feeling well and offer peace of mind for you and your family.

At MemberMedi, we are aware of the investment you are making in your health care by becoming a member, so we take a cost-conscious approach. Your monthly membership covers a variety of in-office services and procedures – and you’ll never have to pay a copay at MemberMedi.

We offer many lab procedures, such as flu test, urinalysis, strep test, glucose test and more, in house at our wholesale rate. Additional costs for labs or atypical supplies are discussed before selecting your treatment option.


Your MemberMedi membership includes:

  • Minor Burn Care
  • Suture and Staple Removal
  • EKG
  • Annual Physical
  • Sports Physical
  • Peak Flow Management & Monitoring
  • Weight loss counseling
  • 24/7 access to your healthcare professional

  • Annual physicals, DOT, Biometric screening and Go365

  • Same or next day appointments, no wait times

  • Telemedicine and office visits

  • In house testing (flu swab, strep, UA, etc..)

  •  Diabetic education

  • Focus on preventative health

  • Courtesy visits to hospital/rehab and nursing facilities

  • Access to patient portal

  • Blood pressure monitoring

  •  Will schedule all preventative visits (colonoscopy, mammogram, GYN, Bone Density, CXR etc..)


Additional charges may apply for vaccinations, splinting supplies, bandages, nebulizer treatments, in house labs, urinalysis, or other necessary tests or
supplies as deemed necessary between the provider and the patient. All fees will be discussed prior to administration of treatment with full consent of the patient or
an appropriate representative. MemberMedi services and supplies are passed to our members at our cost, at a great reduction from other healthcare services.

In-Office Procedures

Our nurse practitioners perform a number of in-office procedures:

  • Annual physical
  • Sports physical
  • Minor burn care
  • Animal bite care
  • Sutures
  • Suture and staple removal
  • Abscess draining
  • EKG
  • Impacted ear wax removal
  • Peak flow management & monitoring

Any additional expenses for atypical supplies, such as splints, cast shoes, or curtches, or laborator work, such as sending skin biopsies for further testing, will be discussed with the patient prior to ordering.


Monthly Individual Join Now $125 / month
Annual Individual Join Now $1375 / year


Monthly Couple Join Now $200 / month
Annual Couple Join Now $2200 / year

Leave the burden of the third-party health care industry behind and begin a
health care journey that puts you first.


No insurance needed


No Co-Pays


No Deductibles

Just personalized, primary care.