Healthcare Beyond the Emergencies

Emergency health care insurance is necessary. However, many health care costs are actually associated with primary care services.

MemberMedi is not a substitute for emergency care or emergency care insurance. Rather, we are part of a new health care approach: primary care without the hassles of high deductibles and co-pays that up to thousands of dollars per year.

We are staffed by a group of highly-skilled, registered nurse practitioners (RNP) who care deeply about providing the best possible healthcare in a warm, approachable environment.

Because we have eliminated third-party insurance, we are able to pass significant cost savings on to our patients. In some doctors’ offices, up to sixty percent of the staff’s time is dedicated to processing insurance claims. By providing healthcare directly to you, we are able to eliminate these costs and focus directly on your health and well-being, saving you time and money.

Benefits of your MemberMedi Enrollment:


Relaxed Visits

You’ll never feel rushed through an appointment, and there’s never a question you won’t have time to ask. Your provider will be dedicated to tailoring your appointment to your needs, beginning patient consults that average 30-minutes with the provider (unlike the typical 5 minutes in the traditional health care system).


Significant Cost Savings

We take a cost-conscious approach to your health care, and we want to respect the investment you are making in your health. You’ll never pay a copay or unexpected bill. We also extend our wholesale prices to you for all labs and assist with sourcing affordable medical plans.


Specialty and Chronic Care Advocacy

If you require specialty medical care, your MemberMedi nurse practitioner will work closely with that specialist to be an advocate for your health. Because our practice is not affiliated with other healthcare systems, the choice of specialist is made with you, not at the mercy of a list.

If you are seeing multiple specialists for chronic health care management, your NP will be dedicated to monitoring your overall care and advocating for what is best for you.


No insurance needed


No Co-Pays


No Deductibles

Just personalized, primary care.