Welcome to MemberMedi

No insurance needed. No co-pays. No deductibles.

Just personalized, primary care.

About Us

MemberMedi is one of the few medical practices to offer direct primary care in Kentuckiana.

Our unique membership healthcare practice is patient-focused, offering same-day, more personal appointments, more communication with your practitioner—all resulting in more personalized health care.

Higher Quality Healthcare

In addition to providing higher quality healthcare, our direct pay membership also offers patients an alternative to using traditional health insurance. Because we are a direct primary care office, no insurance is necessary. Instead, patients pay an affordable monthly membership fee directly to MemberMedi.

No Insurance Required

No insurance is required to become a patient. There are no copays or deductibles for office visits and most office procedures are included in membership.

24/7 access

As healthcare and insurance costs continue to rise, MemberMedi offers an affordable, high quality alternative. With 24/7 access to your health care provider, you can call, text, email or visit the office to take a preventative approach to your well-being.


No insurance needed


No Co-Pays


No Deductibles

Just personalized, primary care.